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What is Spanish Nethack?

Spanish Nethack is, quite simply, a translation of the popular game of Nethack into Spanish. Game play is not altered in any way: all objects, monsters and strategies are the same. Bones and save files are intended to be compatible with the original English version.

Wait a minute. "Ray Chason" doesn't look like a Latino name!

Your powers of observation do you credit. :-) Spanish is indeed a second language for me, and without a doubt, many of my translations are a bit off, strange-sounding, incomprehensible, howlers, or even (Heaven forbid) offensive in some countries. If you see such a problem, let me know.

So why did you do this?

I did this to knock the kinks out of my Spanish. I did this to pave the way for further language support in Nethack, perhaps even to the point of full support for internationalization. I did this because Spanish is a beautiful tongue. I did this because I'm an arrogant hotshot programmer with a streak of vanity. :-)

What is the current version of Spanish Nethack?

The current version is 3.4.3 revision 1. The 3.4.3 part will remain the same until the official version is updated and the updates are merged into Spanish Nethack. The revision number will increase as translations are corrected, remaining English text translated, and new systems supported.

What systems support Spanish Nethack?

I have successfully built Spanish Nethack under Linux (SUSE version 8.0 and Slackware version 9.0, but any distribution should work); under Windows XP as an MSDOS executable using DJGPP; and under Windows XP as a Win32 executable using Borland C++ 5.5. Tiles work with the MSDOS and WinNT versions. I have compiled and briefly tested a Qt and an X11 port for the X Window System; I have not attempted any other X port, but they should work. Support for OS/2, Macintosh, and other systems is planned for future releases.

Where can I get Spanish Nethack?

You can get Spanish Nethack right here: If you would rather play the last release of version 3.4.1, you can get it here: As later revisions are released, patches against earlier revisions will become available at this page. Additional binary distributions will be made available as demand indicates and as ports are completed.

You can also visit the SourceForge Project page for Spanish Nethack.

I ran Spanish Nethack, and there's still some English text.

The translation is not yet complete. The main code base is translated, as are fortune cookies, impish maledictions, Quest texts, and much else; but some text is still in English.

You can help -- even if you don't program. Many of the files in the dat/ directory in the source code are little more than plain text, and one does not need any programming knowledge to translate them.

I tried to build Spanish Nethack for my Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator, and the compiler complained of unresolved symbols.

For technical reasons, the build sequence had to be changed somewhat. If you can program, you can help port Spanish Nethack to your favorite platform.

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